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>Adventures in Kyriarchy: Women-only Spaces Exclude More than Just Transladies

>So, I’ve swung the holy hammer of feminism around a few times on Nuts and Bolts now. I ended up focusing a lot more on horizontal oppression/kyriarchy than people expected me to, which is partially because it isn’t so much the white, able, Christian, straight, cissexual, cisgender, middle-class men that scare me, or even the people that are only one step away from that. In fact, the people one step away from that, have actually tended to be some of the most understanding and liberationist folk in my life–a particular friend of mine, who I will nickname C to avoid calling him out, breaks only the “able” part of that paradigm and yet is easily the cis ally whom I expect to make the most difference in life. The true Kyriarchs, though, rare as they are, usually are still jerks, but like I said, rare. The realization of how much people at or near the top of the pyramid really don’t scare me can be credited to this Womanist Musings post.

My favorite feminist writer, Audre Lorde, is probably best known for the act, in literary form, of standing up and shouting to feminists to stop being jerks about race and orientation. To this day, while feminism has associated quite nicely with the lesbian movement (to the point where the lesbian-feminist movement developed some problems of its own with regards to trans ladies, ladies of color, kinky ladies, and sex worker ladies), feminism still struggles with the issue of race. Trans women of the feminist variety are no exception to this (yes, we’re slightly better about it, but that’s not good enough). To this end, I would like to swing the holy hammer of feminism at you, my trans-liberation-supporting readers. (more…)


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