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>A Feminist Argument for Clothing-Optional Society

>I unfucking hate clothing. It’s the most restrictive, oppressive thing in the world–the fact that I’m forced into these tubes of wool, cotton, or whatever, bothers me to no end. The reason I’m talking about this here on Nuts and Bolts is twofold; clothing which is designed for ladies is invariably more restrictive, form-fitting, and body-policing than that which is designed for menfolk, and clothing for both sexes is designed with cis people in mind. Add these together, and we come to the realization that I’d probably feel a lot better about clothing if lady clothing wasn’t designed to make me unhappy about my broad shoulders, my exterior genitalia, and my still-kinda-awkward midsection.

But what about other people? Isn’t birthday suit the kind of attire you tend to wear in groups, like black tie? Shouldn’t we be concerned about our naked bodies making other people uncomfortable? No, my delicious little readers, this is not how feminism works. The combined factors of not being able to properly draw the line, the right to bodily autonomy, and the fact that nudity is a decision made about yourself, make this so. (more…)


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